Cosmetic Dentistry – Transform your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry engineers a beautiful smile on your face. No wonder it is very popular these days. It involves more than just teeth whitening and veneers. With a wide array of tools and techniques available at the disposal of the dentist, a perfect smile will be a reality.

As with every cosmetic procedure, you need to weigh the pros and cons, understand what to expect and follow any after care regimen.

What a cosmetic dentist does?

Much more that replacing or filling teeth. Chemical dentistry includes dental procedures like teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, crowns, enamel shaping and contouring, braces, implants and many more. So much for that perfect smile.


smile by cosmetic dentistSelecting a cosmetic dentist

First step: Look in the mirror and smile. Note down the changes you wish for in that smile. Your dentist will have other concerns. It helps to have a wish list.

Second step: Ask your family and friends for any referrals.

You can also check the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for a comprehensive list of cosmetic dentists.

Third step: Check the credentials of the prospective dentists as you narrow down the list.

Fourth step: Take an appointment with your chosen dentist. Be sure to browse a few samples of his/her previous work before you go ahead.

Your first appointment

Your search for that perfect smile led you here. Relax.

The consultation involves examining your teeth, gums and bite. Then the aesthetic aspects of that perfect smile. There are many variables that comprise a beautiful smile like the lips, gums, teeth, bite, face, personality type, hair, skin color, length of the teeth, how the teeth line up with other facial features, gum-to-lip distance, and other characteristics. All these aspects are carefully examined and analysed to create that perfect smile.

For optimum experience communicate clearly with your dentist and have a clear picture of that perfect smile.


Prepare a checklist likechecklist-dental

The colour of the teeth you desire like a brilliant white or a more natural shade

Alignment of the teeth like perfect or a more natural look

Amount of gum that shows when you smile

Amount of teeth that shows when you smile.


Working on the desired changes

Computer imaging is a perfect way to preview the entire look that you opted for. You can make any number of changes till you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the look. Other ways include 3-d modelling which is a more cumbersome process.


Dental materials

Great progress has been made in this field of dental materials.


They have been used for centuries.

They can be modelled to near natural shade of your teeth.

They can last a life time without any problems.

Resinimages-resin filling

It is used for bonding. It is a relatively new material in cosmetic dentistry. This type of bonding with the help of resin added strength to the porcelain tooth structure also adding to the aesthetics. The latest advancement would be building bridges that function like teeth.


Metal was added to the porcelain crown structures for extra strength. However metal decreases the translucency of the porcelain, making it look less natural. Your dentist might mention brands like empress lava that have ready -made solutions.

Order that perfect smile!